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Divorce Lawyer JohannesburgUnfortunately divorce does happen. Emotions can run high when dealing with divorce, don't let it. Try to sort the issues out before approaching a divorce lawyer in Johannesburg. We explain the procedure and options on the general information page. No one wins (except the lawyer) no matter what your lawyer might tell you. We repeat, leave them out of it, try to behave like sensible people and once you have sorted things out, then get the lawyers involved to get the divorce through.

The procedure in contested matters is as follows:

A summons is issued claiming all sorts of things. Mostly unrealistic. (If lawyers are left to their own devices)
If maintenance, interim custody or a contribution towards costs is required, while the fight continues something called a rule 43 application is brought.

The fight then continues – that's when you both pay. At the end of the fight the attorneys benefit and the children have suffered.

Very few contested matters actually end up with the parties "having their day in court". They are drawn out and settled just before the court day R.600000 to R160000.00 later.


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